We repent for our sins in this age.

We believe ...

  • in a gospel message of resisting systems of unchecked power and inflated senses of self-importance at the expense of others' lives

  • when a culture subjects communities and individuals to the margins through directed and systemic oppression, everyone involved is dehumanized and disconnected from the divinity of spirit pulsing through all-creation. Jesus of Nazareth, his mother, and early followers all understood our connection and responsibility to dismantle this divisive system through radical love and making the stranger feel welcome.

  • 21st century catholics are in large part responsible for the systemic oppression of historically marginalized groups in the United States (people of color, immigrants, people of Islamic faith, women, and people who identify as LGBT) through their own apathetic, negligent, and naive complacency or outright and explicit support of politicians who use narrow definitions of pro-life philosophies to fool voters and obscure their ultra-conservative and neo-fascist agendas.

  • Universally, catholics need to repent for these actions and resist individuals who and institutions that promote divisive, violent, and oppressive politics that have been allowed to co-opt our faith and commitment to solidarity in the "peaceable kin-dom".

We resist those who build off hate.

We are called to ...

  • remember and live out a gospel imploring us to welcome the stranger, find safe housing for those in need, insist on equitable labor opportunities, and build strong community through relationship.

  • exorcise the demons within ourselves and others that contradict the deliberate actions and lessons of Jesus, the refugee laborer.

  • resist a political agenda that excludes and detains people seeking refuge and work through immigration and asylum.

  • radically pick up prayers for conversion of our faith understanding that begs us to respond to xenophobia, racism, nationalism, and militarism.

We resolve to Make the stranger feel welcome..

Rather than ...

  • lay bricks of fear between us and our sisters and brothers, we must build the beloved community, the peaceable kin-dom.

  • allow the wave of intolerance to overwhelm the spirit, we must embrace a theology that demands acceptance and faith.

  • encourage exclusion and ego, we must examine our own involvement in a history of oppression built upon the backs of others' exploitation.

  • sink into the abyss of pessimism and complacency, we must embody the radical spirit of Christ through repentance, resistance, and resurrection.